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2009-11-16 15:46:44 by maskedone2

My amazing game is on the way.

My NEXT submission however, isn't it

I'm making a game...

2009-10-30 17:09:11 by maskedone2

And its amazing!


2009-10-22 19:18:11 by maskedone2

Something to do would be nice...

New Post

2009-09-15 13:36:03 by maskedone2

New Post

If something happened....

2009-09-06 09:14:19 by maskedone2

would you really care?

16 now

2009-08-20 20:03:37 by maskedone2

Wanna have HOT secs?

My birthday

2009-08-19 05:40:12 by maskedone2

i want a cake


2009-08-18 08:01:15 by maskedone2

its my birthday in two days

i'm back!

2009-08-09 15:05:37 by maskedone2

just got back,

aren't you happy?

im on holiday!

2009-08-01 04:06:07 by maskedone2

for ten days, goin to wales